View Full Version : All virtual drives disabled after reboot

05.03.2003, 17:56
We installed Daemon Tools on some computers at school. It works perfectly on the Win98 clients, but a few computers are running Win95. We installed Internet Explorer 5.5 and the USB supplement, so it should work. But after every reboot the number of drives is set to "disabled" and there is no virtual cd-rom drive in the control panel any more. Of course, one can manually set it back to "1 drive", but the teaches won't be able to do this every time they start one of the computers. We already tried to unplug the "real" cd-rom drive and to install different versions of Daemon Tools. Is there any possibility that Daemon Tools doesn't change the number of drives after reboot?

06.03.2003, 09:55
Does it remember some other options? Try for example to set some emulation (Safedisc) and reboot. Will it be restored?

12.03.2003, 16:47
Yes it does remember other options like "Safedisk" and also other options.

12.03.2003, 19:27
How much RAM you have on your 95 machines?