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03.11.2005, 20:20

I am a long time daemon-tools user, and would like to support its development. Is there a way I can make a contribution to the author or organization?

Thank you for any information,

04.11.2005, 02:06
Sure, you can Register DAEMON Tools (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/dt_register.php) for $15,95. That'll give you a free upgrade to Daemon Tools Pro v1.0 which is soon to be released, access to our priority Customers Forum and the great feeling to have supported the software you like :)

04.11.2005, 02:37
I'm a happy customer! :D

04.11.2005, 02:55
Yeah you should register. I don't regret it at all. The service is great, the mods are excellent, and everyone always tries to pitch in to help if they see that your a customer. I haven't been here for long but from what I've experienced on these boards I can say that the whole supporter community is one of the best and most mature I've ever experienced and am really happy to be a part of them.

04.11.2005, 03:21
as opposed to the crack addict 12 year olds who want every thing for free and whine all the time, eh?

05.11.2005, 10:35
I'm a happy customer too!