View Full Version : I have no idea what is going on, can anyone help me?

04.11.2005, 05:16
I have an external harddrive that was drive E

Then I downloaded DAEMON Tools and that became drive E and my harddrive went to F

So now some of my programs won't run because they are trying to load from E:/Program Files, but that no longer exists.

Is there any way to change my harddrive back to E and the DAEMON Tools drive to F?

04.11.2005, 11:40
Execute Start -> Run -> diskmgmt.msc and assign the drive letters the way you want.

25.07.2010, 21:38
I am having a similar problem. I tried to change my external drive back to J, it nows shows K and my Daemon shows J but the drop down does not have a J on it and I can't change it back. I also have several items on "My Book" (J) that I can't use because the drive was changed. I am running Vista. Is there a solution for me? Oh, no pc guru here, just an old Gramie.


26.07.2010, 00:35
First change drive letter of virtual drive, then J: will be available again.

08.08.2010, 21:32
Hi. Finally able to get back to this. I tried to change the drive letter but there is no J to change it to.:frown:

09.08.2010, 08:27
Did you change the letter of your virtual drive from J: to another one?

09.08.2010, 20:08
I haven't a clue what I'm doing. When I go into diskmgmt.msc, I have :

HP (C:)
MyBook (K:)

At the bottom it shows Disk 1 as My Book (K:)
Disk 2.....removable (F:) }
Disk 3.....removable (G:) }
Disk 4....removable (H:) } NO MEDIA
Disk 5....removable (J:) }
CD-ROM 0 DVD (E:) }
My Book used to be (J:)......no J to be found. I wanted to change my book back to J and make the virtual drive K.
If this a going to be a real problem, I'll just forget about it because I'm not very good on the pc.

Thank you,

09.08.2010, 20:37
J: letter is occupied by Disc 5. Remove it OR change its letter to another one. Then J: will become free.

09.08.2010, 21:26
Sway. I am so sorry, disk 5 is I, I have no J. Maybe I should remove all that pertains to the game and DT and start over.
I need to get my eyes checked if that wasn't a typo, incidentally I have an appointment today!
Thank you for your help.

11.08.2010, 18:32
I didn't find an edit button so I wanted to say that it was a typo and I am still in need of help if someone has a solution, please advise.

12.08.2010, 20:21
Have you already tried to change the DT drive letter in Device Parameters - Virtual Devices | daemon-help.com (http://www.daemon-help.com/en/user_interface_lite/tray_icon_right_click_menu_lite/virtual_cd_dvd_rom_lite.html)