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06.03.2003, 14:21
Hi all,
i have a problem running Praetorians: I can make Copies of the disk (which work);
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but Images with Daemon Tools don't run. The game simply doesn't recognize the loaded image.
I made Images with Alcohol, ******** and Blindread. All the same result.
Any ideas?
My System:
Athlon XP 1800+
512 MB RAM
Daemon Tools 3.29
newest Blindread, Alcohol and ********


P.S.: I forgot to mention that the Copy Protection is SecuROM
Interesting that a copied disk works, although everyone says that is impossible to copy SecuROM new disks???

06.03.2003, 14:42
There are a few possible reasons why the game works.

1) There is an incredibly slim chance that you managed to make a perfect copy with the physical structure intact

2) The game does not use physical structure

3) You made a copy with rmps info, and use rmps in alcohol or daemon tools.

If you really want to test your disc, goto a computer that doesn't have dameon tools, or alcohol and test it. Also, when you make the image, enable dpm info. If the game is not protected by the physical structure, i believe alcohol will report that it can't read dpm. But i could be wrong about this...

As for your image, what profile (via alcohol 120) did you use?

Finally, you might try installing the game from the image. Some games require that you play from the install drive.

06.03.2003, 14:55
Hi Andareed,
there are more people who made working copies of the game, there is even a tutorial how to make copies at
(in german)
But what i find more interesting is how to get it working with Daemon Tools. And yes, i have it installed from the Image.
Other games with SecuROM 4.8x are running.
At last i was usind Blindread as described in the above tutorial.
In Alcohol i used the SecuROM 4.x settings.


06.03.2003, 14:57
Forgot to mention that this game may be blacklisted against current version of daemon tools. Some securom 4.8x games where affected; next version of d-tools will for sure correct this problem.

06.03.2003, 15:00
thought something like that. but then the alcohol virtual drive is also blacklisted.
any idea when the next version of daemon tools will come? it was very quiet at the homepage last month.

06.03.2003, 15:06
Hopefully soon. And yes, alcohol will more than likely be blacklisted too.

As for your making a copy, I think that the game must not use physical structure (dpm).

06.03.2003, 15:09
but it IS new SecuROM copy protection. isn't dpm the gag about it??

06.03.2003, 15:40
I'll bet the newer Securom Games blacklist our Virtual Drives (and other virtual drives, too). I test it with german Version of the Game and new Beta of Daemon Tools tomorrow and report back, this will be fixed soon

@ZeDMI: Yes, dpm is "the gag" about it :) at least if they don't change the protection-scheme.

06.03.2003, 18:34
Ahem... anyone thought about the image could be a Twinpeaks image? Just an idea, that might be it... I can't verify it because I neither ever used BlindWrite nor went deeper into the Twinpeaks stuff, but AFAIR TP has not been blacklisted yet so that could be the explanation why it works without emulation...


06.03.2003, 20:29
@ Sergei : What is Twinpeaks?
And just in case this wasn't clear: I have the original disk and made my own images!


07.03.2003, 00:57
As long as you don't explicitly state you downloaded your image from the internet, we have no motivation to accuse you of doing something illegal and it's fine, no need to promise you own it.

If you want to know what Twinpeaks is, have a look at my explanation about SecuROM v4.8x (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=274)...


07.03.2003, 02:01
What concerns Blindwrite/Twinpeaks: After all the scheme behind this tools is (with little differences) exactly the same. It can't be blacklisted sooo easy, I prior thought it is easy, but it isn't (but it's not impossible :) )

07.03.2003, 04:58
@Sergei : Sorry, i didn't want to sound angry or accused, i just misunderstood something in your previous message.

@Locutus : You mentioned to test it with a new Beta of Daemon Tools. Is that a private or a public Beta?? If it is public: Where can i download that? If it is private: Can you tell me when the release is planned?


07.03.2003, 09:17
*grins* okay, no problem... Twinpeaks is a way of burning, not a release group :mrgreen: no hard feelings...

Daemon-Tools betas are all private betas and not available for download for everybody. But it will very likely be released during the next days, so no need to wait much longer... Just be patient :)