View Full Version : Splinter Cell and EFM encoding

06.03.2003, 16:03
burned a cloneCD image of splinter cell with alcohol. First I used EFM encoding and second try I didn't. With EFM the image works in a PX40Ts but in my Toshiba 1401 The game crashes after safedisc check. Without EFM it crashes in both drives. Recorder was an PX2410A. According to CloneCD HP the 2410A should be capable of correct EFM encoding?!

06.03.2003, 17:00
The Plextor writers were never able to write SD2.51.021 or higher without the amplify weak sectors function!? And the CloneCD writers list shows correctly "almost correct" EFM encoding, i.e. one sheep only!

06.03.2003, 19:10
thx, looks like I took a too quick look on the list :)

10.03.2003, 09:04
Try to write CD on 8x or 4x speed with EFM.