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07.03.2003, 02:57
I need help. I have been using a computer for a few years & am fairly computer literate. I decided that I needed to move on, I could have chosen an easy topic !!!, and learn this side of computing. I guess,don't flame me if this sounds patronising, that most of you are younger than me. It does get harder to learn the older I get. I have struggled with various programs, watching the posts in forums like this. It was only when the administrator mailed me about not posting did I realise I should ask for help. So if you would be my mentor & guide I would be very grateful. I know how helpful people are, because I have had help in other areas, & should have swollen my pride earlier. Sorry if this post is either too long, off topic or just plain mad but I had to act as I believe a closed mind will leave in a life of ignorance. Thanks & regards, Max

07.03.2003, 03:04
of course it's a little bit off-topic :) that's why I moved the thread.
What concerns your posting: what exactly is your problem? I'm sure here you find users always willing to help but you should be more specific :wink:

08.03.2003, 16:36
Hi, thanks for the reply. It sums me up really , posting off topic & not explaining in detail.. The project I'm trying is this. I have a copy of Red Alert Yuri's Revenge. done for me by a friend. It won't install from CD, keeps asking me to put in CD. I copied all to hard drive. I know the protection is SafeDisc. What I have done so far is .
1. Used Clone CD to make copy, I followed a tutorial on a site & think I did it properly.
2 Downloaded a patch for the .exe & applied. burnt another CD.
3 Used unSafeDisc to "unwrap" the original file. Did'nt work.
4. Considered just buying the game Ј10 & no hassle. Sorry that' sounds flippant.
5. Ran through other games that my friends son had done for me, all using Unsafe Disc, to see if there was a common element but found nothing that I understood.
6. Looking at Forums , sites & programs but I could'nt find anything that I could do. I suspect that the problem begins with the original copy. My friend would have used something like EasyCD Creator to copy when it should have been done with a program such as CloneCD or Alcohol 120. I am finding it difficult, even after reading as much as possible, to completely grasp the "image" concept. I hope that is a little clearer. I really would like to master this, purely for my own satisfaction. Everybody in the forums seem to have it sussed but an old geezer like me struggles.

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08.03.2003, 17:16
The easiest way is to see if you can get the original, and use clonecd or alcohol 120 and use the game/safedisc(2) profile. Of course, an easier way would be to purchase the game, and support game development.

10.03.2003, 04:45
To Locutusofborg & Andareed , I really appreciate you taking the time to reoly & offer help. I will follow through & letb you know how it goes. I will most probably need a bit of help with the Daemon-Tools script. I am determined to learn this side of computing. When I learn anything it gives me a boost. This is just my opinioon , but I think it fruitless to buy a good PC & not learn as much as possible. Once again thanks.