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07.11.2005, 01:17
alcohol keeps telling me unable to get d.p.m off my fav game lma professional manager 2005 because current device is not capabale nec dvd_rw nd-3520a is this not a good make if not what is. any help or advice well appreciated

07.11.2005, 16:07
Can you try another drive? Is it a DVD or CD-ROM? What method of copy protection is used on the disc? You could try to read DPM with Blindwrite.

07.11.2005, 16:15
Yeah, use blindwrite or bwa builder. i have the same problem with my burner GWA-4040N.:mad:

07.11.2005, 20:48
I also have a NEC ND-3520, but there is no such problem. The problem is "just" that it takes forever to do DPM extraction.

Maybe the firmware is important? My firmware is at version 3.06.

10.11.2005, 02:19
Cool Nikos. I'm about to recommend an NEC ND-3540A for a friend.

10.11.2005, 13:02
Cool Nikos. I'm about to recommend an NEC ND-3540A for a friend.Reading some reviews first would be a good idea. For example, I've seen reviews that state that the burning quality of the ND-3520 is inferior to that of the ND-3500, even though the 3520 is a newer model.