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07.03.2003, 14:55
ok well i installed daemon tools and it all worked perfectly, untill i rebooted my computer...after which i could not get back into windows..i could still go into safe mode but i couldnt uninstall it from there because windows installer doesnt work in safe mode ( how stupid is that) and so i tried doing system restore and it took me about 8 restores until i got my computer to boot up again...you cant imagine how many times rebooting that is....anyway, do you know how i can prevent this from happening because i really wanna use the program - but this way its just not possible....

here are my specs:

P4 1.8
80gig hd 5400rpm
gforce 3 ti200
windows xp pro

07.03.2003, 15:04
Can you post exactly what error you receive (if you receive one)? Also, what burning software, antivirus, firewall, etc... do you have installed?

07.03.2003, 17:19
well at first the computer starts up as normal and u get the windows loading screen, but then i get a blue screen (without having seen the desktop or anything of windows yet) which basically says that there has been an error and i should try n reboot, and if i have the problem again it says to run scandisk (pointless.....)...

my burning software is Nero burning rom (which i update once in a while and has given no problems) i have norton antivirus 2003 together with norton systemworks and cleansweep 2003. i got no firewall cuz its hardware (router)...

i dont know exactly what the bluescreen error said..i didnt relly take the time to write it down, but it seemed pretty much pointless, it didnt point to a file or something just showed a debug statement.. Have you never heard of this problem before?

07.03.2003, 17:27
Yes, we have. But there are many many causes for this error.

For future reference, if you get the bsod, and want to avoid system restore, boot into safe mode. Then goto C:\windows\system32\drivers. Delete the two st3??? files (after backing up). Reboot. If it really is a prob with daemon tools, the bsod should vanish.

07.03.2003, 19:04
ok thanks, i hope that it will work without problems, i might give it a try, hehe after doing a system backup :evil:

08.03.2003, 17:17
ok i found out that if i install any of the following programs i get this error which doesnt allow me to boot into windows (using that configuration):

CDrwin, Daemon tools and alcohol 120% what the blue screen error tells me each time is:


does this mean anything to you? i guess its a IRQ error but how can i possibly solve this?

08.03.2003, 20:15
You may find this topic helpful: http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=209&highlight=irqlnotlessorequal

11.03.2003, 13:28
well, no offense but there is just a similar problem there...not a solution....sorry :shock: