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07.03.2003, 15:45
does somebody know a way to make a script loading a image-file to a particular driveletter.

#D:\progra~1\d-tools\daemon.exe -mount 0,d:\image.ccd mounts the image file to a driveletter. But I want to assign a driveletter Q: when the image is mounted.

07.03.2003, 16:23
Is there a reason why you cannot simply let one of the virtual drives be Q? You may also find the program Dameonscript (see my signature) useful.

17.03.2003, 10:26
Dameonscript works perfect thanks,
The reason we want to control the driveletter is: we want to use daemontools in a network (school environment);
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I know you can set a parameter to set a driveletter but we want to control what driveletter is used when Daemontools starts (without intervertion of the user)

We are using Novell snapshot to distribute the application

Example: we want to put in a script that: when mounting image ***.ccd driveletter T: will be used, BUT when image ????.ccd is mounting driveletter R: must be used.

I don't know if this is possible or not, but I hope so :wink:

17.03.2003, 11:00
You might try vdesk (see downloads section on daemon tools homepage). I believe it lets you create script files with conditionals and error return codes and even more.