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07.03.2003, 19:18
Hi everyone;

First, I just started using Daemon Tools and it seems great -- can't believe I didn't start using it sooner.

I'm a laptop user and a big chess fan; basically, the GUI isn't what is protected, it's the engine. Each engine, when it loads, periodically does a CD check (and each engine has its own CD). I can't stand carrying around the CDs anymore as my collection grows so D-tools seems awesome for the task at hand.

This is probably a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway: is it possible to strip unneeded files (say, large database files) from images to reduce the size?


07.03.2003, 19:28
No, the cd check would fail if image size is reduced. You may have luck searching for some no-cd patches.

07.03.2003, 19:55
Thanks for the quick reply!

I figured as such ... thanks! I'll check out some of the no-cd patches...