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10.11.2005, 01:41
my daemon tools isn't workin (when i click on the icon nothing loads)... i checked if i had ne of the programs they said not to have and i dont.... and i restared my comp... ne ideas?? ):confused:

10.11.2005, 15:23
I don't understand your problem, what do you mean with "nothing loads"?
Do you mean that you cant mount anything?

You have to do more than clicking on the icon to get it to work.

13.11.2005, 20:47
Hmm like Methadon said clicking on the icon isn't enough.
I recommend you read: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/daemonhelp.php to get a general idea of how to operate Daemon Tools, especially check the usage section.

If you know how to operate Daemon Tools then you should really try to tell more about the problem.

14.11.2005, 07:44
Do you see the icon in the System Tray (Sometimes Windows XP hides System Tray icons)? That is the only interface available to use DAEMON Tools, there isn't a program that pops up in the center of the screen or anything.