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10.11.2005, 08:59
How I can write down on one virtual drive some files simultaneously?

10.11.2005, 12:29
Hi Nekl

Can you please secifiy your question a little bit more?

Do you want to write files TO an virtual drive?
If this is the case: Thats not possible!

10.11.2005, 18:17
Mainly it's impossible but.....
If you want to have some files mounted in a virtual drive use the image creating method of nero.
Make a new cd/dvd and choose as the burner not your burner, choose the image recorder. In nero 7 you choose it by clicking on "Rekorder" and then the first entry (don't know what's in english becuase i've the german version).
In nero 6 i think it was easier, there is next to the burn button a "button" where you could cjoose the burner.
So if you have choosed the image recorder as burner nero will create an image of the files you wanted to burn.
After that you could mount the imnage with DT. :)

11.11.2005, 11:08
This is a nice "work-around" AnalCobra :-)

Not comfortable, but working. 100 points!!!!!

11.11.2005, 14:40
This is a nice "work-around" AnalCobra :-)

Not comfortable, but working. 100 points!!!!!
I've found a second way.
You need to download and install UltraISO, with it you can make new images, per drap and drop you can insert files and folders. You can save it into many formats (iso, bin-cus, mdf-mds). You can also edit images.

11.11.2005, 15:23
Hey that sound good, mounting an image and dropping new files in it while it is mounted... Have you tried this ????

I'll try this out, if it's works than there is a perfect way to have flexible images mounted.. What a day!

If there is some ironic contents in this post - you may excuse me!!!

15.11.2005, 03:44
You can also use the subst.exe command built-in to Windows (2000/XP/x64) to mount a folder as a hard drive which should give you essentially the same functionality if I'm not mistaken.

22.11.2005, 10:12
subst.exe ....

good old DOS-days...