View Full Version : Windows don't recognize new mounted images

12.11.2005, 17:43
This problem probably isn't DT related, but I think it has something to do with all those anti-protection applications.

The only reason why I have to restore my Windows about every 2-4 months is that they stop recognizing new disks or mountated images after the first.

I inserted DVD movie Snatch into my DVD-ROM and it plays fine. Then I would like to see Pulp Fiction, but Windows still think the Snatch is inside. Playing is not possible.
I resolve this problem by using external USB DVD-ROM and after each DVD or CD i have to restart it.

Same problem is with DT or Alcohol for that matter. After first restart I mount image, everything fine. But if I try another Windows do not recognize it (they still display the old one) If I try mounting and unmountaing the image several times I eventually get lucky and the new image is recognized.
Or if I change the virtual drive letter.

I would really like to know how to fix it or better yet what causes it (beside restoring my system that is). I use DT, Alcohol (has happened even when I didnt use it), Padus DiscJuggler, Nero, SFCure, SR7Stop and Virtual-CD-Hide.

Or maybe just what system files are responsible for recognizing new disks, so I could only restore those.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.