View Full Version : Failure to boot to Operating System

09.03.2003, 05:51
I loaded the latest version of Daemon tools. My system specs are as follows:
Winxp (SP1)
intel 2.4g processor
Elite Groups motherboard P4VXASD2+
256 meg ram
LSI Logic 895 Ultra 2 SCSI card
LSI Logic 810 Narrow SCSI card
18GB Ultra 2 SCSI hard drive (boot drive)
36GB Ultra 2 SCSI hard drive
Pioneer 16x DVD/CDROM
Sony cd burner (SCSI)
My problem occurs when after installing DT I reboot my computer. System will fail to boot to OS. I have to use the "last known good config" option to get back into windows. I have determined that the phantom scsi drivers DT loads some how conflicts with the SCSI drivers used by my harddrives attached to the LSI logic 895 scsi card resulting in a boot to OS failure. Has anyone had a similar problem to mine with similar System specs? :?: