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13.11.2005, 15:51
Well, my friends and I made this Kick ass Dvd, and i wanted to burn it after we were done. So i take it home after buying some DVD-r to rind out, my new computer doesn't have a DVD burner. Heh...

What I was wondering is if i could burn an image and save it to my computer. If so, how?

Any help is appreciated

13.11.2005, 16:53
yeah, sure mate

download ImgTool Classic (not ImgTool Burn, since you don't have a burner) from http://www.coujo.de/ and create your DVD ISO image with it.. just tell the tool where your VIDEO_TS Folder is lying around and it'll do the trick.

BTW: WinDVD (and i bet others too) supports opening DVDs from folders.. just a side note..

13.11.2005, 17:38
You can also try to use Nero's image recorder.