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10.03.2003, 04:46
hi, how's everybody ?

Problems making back-up of game Motoracer3 !! When I check for copy-protection with clonyXXL I get Tages (and a lots lots lots os SKULLS :twisted: :evil: )

I have been able to find a bit of info on this protection "" first developed by a company named "Thompson" and the protection was knowned as "Tagкs"--- I managed to copy such discs by manually generate Sectors with new Sectorheader/data ""

Can somebody tell me more about this "Tages" ??
ThanXx :shock:

HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE 8400B (What brand is this model cd-writer??) BEATS ME:

10.03.2003, 08:57
AFAIK Tages - protection by French company. Protected CD by Tages can't be copyed on CD-R. How it's works?, i don't know, but think it works on some StarForce protection.

10.03.2003, 13:38
this protection is based on an irregular subchannel q. some sectors have the same numebr, so the burning program reads only one of the two sectors... The mechanism isn't really easy, for more information search on cdfreaks, there is a topic called tages discussion, if i remember right

13.03.2003, 01:48
:( :( Allright .

Too bad , but thank you for your reply.
I will have a look as suggested on cdfreaks hope to get some more info there.