View Full Version : System file error?

15.11.2005, 03:35

When trying to install Daemon Tools V4 I am stopped by an error.

Like anyone else I downloaded DT, launched the installer. I installed the SPTD 'driver' (or whatisit?), had to reboot my machine (the setup would continue after a full reboot). So, I boot back up, DT4 install launches again, and I get the SPTD setup screen again and of course, click yes again. This time the installer gives me SPTD Setup V1.21 System File Error.

After this I can only click 'ok' and get booted out of the installation wizard.

Any ideas on what might cause this? What possibly went wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


15.11.2005, 04:02
Do you have any errors in System event log?