View Full Version : virtual scsi driver not found and XP SP2

13.03.2003, 09:16
my system is a laptop sony PCG NV309 with AMD ATHLON+2000
nothing install on it except bootmagic and drive image from powerquest with 2 main partition.
I've installed all the last patch for XP since 3 days.
AS I try to install daemon 3.29 for the first time it takes a long time with no activity on the hardrive. then the system reports install successfull.
But as I click on finish button, daemon try to start and I get the bloody" virtual SCSI..." .
In the device manager I find in the périphéral system a "plug and play bios extension " with !
His problem is that windows is unable to load the driver because it is corrupt or not present. The file is the "famous" ST3BUS28.SYS.
so I uninstall and I reinstall.
This time the process is a bit different because the installer make XP to reboot.
after the reboot the install process close successfully. AND ....."virtual SCSI DRIVER not found".... and so on exactly the same situation as the first time.
the application event log says that daemon install sucessfully at xxh25
the system event log shows immediatly after the sucees of the daemon install differents informations events
first: a launch control has been sent to the discovery service SSDP
then:the above service has started
2 second later: a launch control has been sent to the burning CD IMAPI service COM
7 seconds later: thE service above has stopped

is there any body with a good little idea for me ?
thanks a lot !!

13.03.2003, 16:57
When it says 'install is successful' - try simply to reboot. Same behavior?
Is the file itself (st3bus28.sys) present in System32\Drivers folder?

14.03.2003, 06:42
when I reboot after the install I have exactly the same behaviour !
and the file ST3BUS.sys is in the folder seen by XP.
I've tryed many times the install but the problem is alway the same !

I've seen that on my sony the burning software is implemented in the OS nowhere I FIND the possibility to deinstall it, and it's seem to be call" CD software" created by ROXIO !!!

thank you for your help!

15.03.2003, 02:37
I also have the same problem when installing on XP pro with SP1
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

Reinstalling does not work, I have no CD or DV burned software loaded

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro with the latest Catalyst drivers, when I install the next reboot I get the blue screen of death, then need to reboot with the last good knonw configuration where I have to re-install the ATI drivers again.