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13.03.2003, 23:12
Anybody know the difference between each version of sd? I only know the different between 1.x and 2.0 and 2.5.

how about 2.7 and 2.8?

I am quite surprised that I need DT to make an image of Age of Mythology (sd 2.7) with my liteon 32123S and ccd. I also wonder what 2.8 has improved?

Maybe Slydog can give us some hints. (I remember you have a hobby in collecting different cd protection games) :D


14.03.2003, 09:48
You should not need Daemon Tools for SD2.70.x or 2.80.010 with your LiteOn writer - I was able to backup e.g. Mafia (SD2.70.030) and MOHAAS (SD2.80.010) with my old 24102B.
SD2.80.010 checks additional some data in pregap - that is the only difference I know about - SD2.90.x claims to have weak sector patterns to defend LiteOn & Asus writers - we will see ...

15.03.2003, 13:31
you have to remember that not always the changes are in the disc writing process: for example i think the only difference between 2.60 and 2.70 are in the encripting process of the .exe, because all the writers i used to backup 2.60 and 2.70 cds or were able to backup both or weren't able to backup any of the 2 CDs....
there might be some changes in the weak sector used, i don't know...

19.03.2003, 05:14
Thanks CopyTrooper and luciano

I tried to copy Age of Mythology (SD v2.7) and C&C general (SD v2.8 ) need the help of DT to make workable copies (with CloneCD and my Liteon 2 sheep writer) I haven't tried Alcohol yet because I haven't paid. But it seems Alcohol has many new features better than Dolly, the sheep. I can only get alcohol till next month when some $$ comes in.


19.03.2003, 05:32
Alcohol 120 has a trial (30 days afaik). So why not try it out before buying it?

19.03.2003, 05:55
When alcohol was still in its early version while CCD can still copy almost all the protections, I downloaded and tried alcohol. It was nothing special in alcohol. Of course, I can wipe up any trace of previous installation and reinstall the latest version or even using some keygen but I feel the brewers took a long time and effort to build such a good software. I have a principle. If it is good, I will pay to encourage the developers but it is not I won't even be bothered to install it. I still remember Cdmate. After I paid, it just dropped dead. I hope the alcohol brewers won't do it again this time.

19.03.2003, 06:03
I hope the alcohol brewers won't do it again this time.

?? How is Alcohol-developement related to CD-Mate?? They are two different companys, afaik

Beside this, Alcohol is very regular updated. It's updated more (or even most) often than most other Copytools

19.03.2003, 06:22
afaik, cdmate's chief programming engineer quitted his job in cdmate and started alcohol himself.

19.03.2003, 06:43
No, you are confused. Alcohol is spinoff of fantomcd.

19.03.2003, 07:08
Well, since the beginning of the year Alcohol has been updated at least four times (maybe I missed other updates);
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there is a CD mastering feature in beta phase, Alcohol ICE (for DVD->CD purposes) is being developed as well, so in my opinion it doesn't look like they will quit developing Alcohol soon.

When I installed Alcohol and used it for the first time, I knew that it would replace CloneCD for me - being updated more frequently and capable of copying CDs much better just made it much more interesting for me. I haven't ever regretted switching since then...


24.03.2003, 03:15
Thanks guys, I was confused. :lol:

26.03.2003, 20:33
If you need DAEMON SAFEDISC EMULATION that should be because of pre-gap data not because of your cd writer .

Note also that CloneCd has not been updated for days ...

In the past CDRWIN was a very good software, I hope this doesn't represent the future of CLONECD .


27.03.2003, 13:38
Long time no see, Oliver.
I haven't bought many games recenlty and am out of touch for some time. Can you tell me more about pre-gap? Thanks.

27.03.2003, 20:13
Clonecd is not able to write data in the pre-gap area, Alcohol can do that, some others programs are also able to do that .

Safedisc 2.8 checks the pre-gap content which is sometimes not seen correct with clonecd backups (depending on cd-reader capability when running the game) .