View Full Version : deamon tools v4 what am i doing wrong?

16.11.2005, 08:57
ok first of great work and may god bless DT_team
now my specs
xp pro sp1
2.7 amd cpu
nforce 2 board
2 80gb raptor hd sata on raid-o
2gb ram
1 nec dvd16x burner

i had 3.47 it ran great!i uninstalled it i went to regedit ,c drive and windows folder under system32 removed all d-tools stuff.
so i installed d-tools 4 and it goes thru its promts and it finished then i restart the computer and then start d-tools
it acts like its working 'then i get scsi/raid cannot be stopped at this time' i click ok and then i get unable to add adapter .
it asking to restart to complete install
so i restart and then when d-tools loads up invalid device code 12