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14.03.2003, 19:08
Why is deamon tool not open source? Then everybody could help make deamon tools better :D

14.03.2003, 19:45
Let's imagine that daemon tools is open source for a second. Oh no, sony just released a new version of securom that blacklists daemon tools! A few days later, venom fixes the blacklist, and releases the source. Oops, now sony knows how daemon tools can detect the blacklist, so they come up with an ever better one!

If someone want to make daemon tools better there are many other ways. For example, myself and some others develop addons to daemon tools using a freely available api. You can also help by testing out new games and reporting any new blacklists.

14.03.2003, 19:50
Why not sending Macrovision, Sony and other copy protection creators the Daemon Tools source code!?
Is it really so difficult to think before starting a poll like this!?

15.03.2003, 02:00
sorry, I know the topic is locked, but I must comment it:


this is really funny, common guy, you are employee of Sony Corporation or Macrovision, right? :mrgreen: