View Full Version : No One Lives Forever 2 V 1.3 - Another New Securom ???

16.03.2003, 00:46
Hi guys,

NOLF2 v 1.2 used Securom v4.84.00.0039, which was easily imaged with Alcohol 120% and ran under DT with Securom emulation. I just installed the NOLF2 1.3 patch, and suddenly my back-up image is failing just like the non-Alcohol images did.

Do we have yet another Securom version to deal with, or have I overlooked something ?


16.03.2003, 01:16
This is probably one of the currently known blacklists that is being fixed already. Hopefully a new version of daemon tools should be out soon.

Could you find out which version of securom is used? Normally, you should be able to hex edit the game.exe and search for 4.84 (plain text) and read the version number.

16.03.2003, 01:36
Yes, the version number I found is in the Lithtech.exe file. Thanks for the reply. Can I ask what is meant by "Blacklist" ?

16.03.2003, 01:49
Blacklisting is where a copy protection (like securom);
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is able to detect that a virtual cdrom (daemon tools, f.e) is running. The game will then fail to start.