View Full Version : "Product not installed" - How to get rid of?

16.11.2005, 13:43
Hi guys,

it`s my first post in this forum, so please be patient with me.

I got this problem:
After uninstalling Daemon Tools v3.47 and rebooting the same error sign always appears on startup - "Product not installed"! Any idea how to get rid off this?

I`m using Windows XP with service pack 2.

Thanks in advance!

16.11.2005, 14:17
Welcome to the forum.
We've a nice common problems and solutions forum, where you'll find a thread covering your problem. ;)

Dark Phantom
17.11.2005, 11:37
I had this same issue, I might still have the issue, but I don't have any plugins installed.

Try to do the following:

1) Uninstall v4
2) Install v3.47
3) Uninstall v3.47
4) Install v4

I have not done a reboot at step 4 yet, but again I didn't have any plugins installed, so the thread Copytrooper suggests to read doesn't help me at all.

17.11.2005, 12:13
Updated the thread.
There should indeed no reboot be required after v4 installation, if sptd is already installed.

17.11.2005, 12:38
I have noticed this, if you Daemon Tools v3.47 at your autostart and uninstall it, it doesn't remove itself from the autostart. So when you start your computer it attempt to start DT when it doesn't exist, the you will get this error.
Just remove Daemon Tools from your autostart through msconfig and you will get rid of that error message.

17.11.2005, 20:40
yeah that or use a program like ccleaner to get rid of all the old daemon tool regitry entries.

Its stupid that the uninstaller doesnt do this for you, but whatever.

17.11.2005, 21:58
It should on healthy systems, as it's based on Windows Installer service. But if registry permissions are more and more screwed up by 3rd party tools, noone knows why it fails exactly.