View Full Version : Can't install because of SPTD driver

16.11.2005, 14:31
Well got this funny problem:
I start the installation process, sonn the isntaller tells me about the sptd driver and that I can't use kernel debuggers with it running. Now I have to reboot to continue the isntallation process so I reboot and the installer does the same thing again. (Asks me to reboot because of SPTD driver)

Please please help me :)

16.11.2005, 14:52
same here... problem is that the scsi driver could not be installed...

some people says it depends from the cpu modus... in "standardt pc" modus it wont work... its need to installed the "acpi uniprozessor pc"

look throuth the forum, there are other peoples with the same problem and some method of resolution....

16.11.2005, 19:13
Just looked for it and I always had acpi uniproxessor PC
:/ What can I do now?