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17.03.2003, 04:01
I just patched (v1.3) NOLF2 (No One Lives Forever 2) on both of my computers and they suddenly stopped working with Daemon Tools. I am able to load the game with the CD rom in the drive but no longer with deamon tools. I do not have to close d-tools, so I am assuming its not checking the memmory for it. It just wont run with the iso. I even made a mew copy of the image including subcodes and BWA files. After I uninstalled the game and left it unpatched it worked fine. Please look into this if you have time.



17.03.2003, 04:06
sorry I forgot that I had to Post my system information. I read the post that said to but neglected to anyways

Os: Windows XP SP1
System: Intel 850E /w P4 2.8 GHz
CD copying software: Blindwrite/read 4.3 (subcodes and BWA copied)
D-tools: 3.29
Not running and never ran easy cd creator

17.03.2003, 05:09
This blacklist is already known and will be fixed in next version of daemon tools.

25.12.2005, 03:16
also it seems *****s are out of the question for the further versions cause it doesnt start up just a black screen unless someone knows whats going on here?

25.12.2005, 19:24
Nope 200, why are you replying to an almost 3 year old thread about blacklisting?