View Full Version : Cd/dvd Rom Won't Read

16.11.2005, 22:18
I see this is a common issue with no soultions. My cd/dvd rom can read audio cds but NOT video games. safedisc and all those options are off. What do i do!?

17.11.2005, 01:02
You provide more information, that's what you do.

17.11.2005, 09:46
first things first... more info please...

also, have you tried a different cdrom drive?

17.11.2005, 10:28
When you first install DAEMON Tools 4 none of the emulation options are checked. Is this what you're talking about ('safedisc and all those options are off')?

p.s. Everyone is right who replied before me. Trying another CD reader is the easiest solution. Please provide more information such as: what brand is your CD or DVD-ROM and what is the model number?