View Full Version : Virtual SCSI Driver not detected

i k a r i
17.11.2005, 01:19
OK..I solved my other problem by updating and then removing the SF @#$%..And now I get this error "Virtual SCSI Driver not detected"...
I also had that error where the virtual drives still appears after removing DT3.47 so I've been wondering around the Windows Register, maybe I did something I shouldnt? (and in the system32/drivers too)
Sorry if I'm being annoying, delte the post if I am...

Excuse my english..

17.11.2005, 12:28
Did you re-install after the problem with Starforce was solved? If you got BSOD/crash due to Starforce drivers, the Daemon Tools installation is probably incomplete/corrupted.

i k a r i
21.11.2005, 03:50
Everything working fine now...
I just wanted to say THANKS!