View Full Version : What does exactly "SECURE MODE" do??

17.11.2005, 01:55
Hello daemon tools community, I would like to say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that constantly make possible this amazing software product, congratulations to each and everyone of you.

Now, I'be been wondering about the "secure mode" option. Please explain what are the changes of ticking/un-ticking this option. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

17.11.2005, 12:09
Secure Mode protects Daemon Tools against unauthorized access. No protection will disable any emulation anymore if it's enabled.

17.11.2005, 12:20
so would there be a end user reason to ever dissable it ? (it's good to have the option)

17.11.2005, 12:24
Well, you'll also get a popup if you use Daemon Tools command line options, so if you don't like that, you can disable Secure Mode. But don't say you haven't been warned. ;)

19.11.2005, 07:33
i'm not sure you understand what i asked..
is there a SITUATION where the END USER would WANT or NEED to unselect that option ????

i have it selected as it should be. so in other words why do we even see it and are given the option (which is good) to unselect it ? why would anyone want to deselect it in the 1st place ???

and i KNOW you must understand what i asked....

19.11.2005, 18:34
I would suggest that its a optional feature to disable it since
we dont know what the future will deliver as new Anti DT
Methods, so having the option to disable it may one day
become important if a software refuses to run with the
secure mode enabled.

20.11.2005, 12:13
ß, I am not sure if you were following what Copytrooper said. I agree with him. If you want to write a batch file or if you want to build something into Windows Media Center Edition (does not usually have a mouse) you'll be blocked from controlling DAEMON Tools.

21.11.2005, 06:33
So secure mode blocks 3rd party tools like awx or fastmount? I really hope I understand this wrong.