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20.03.2003, 17:31
Hello everyone...
Have had this problem with a few games, but didnt know there was this board here to post on, anyway here's my problem with this game (Syberia)...

I ripped a bin and a cue from the game (Syberia);
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so now i have a bin and cue for each cd.

I install the game using Daemon Tools and the bins

Game installs fine, but when I click on the shortcut on my desktop, it tells me to insert the first CD, which is already loaded in Daemon Tools, i tried reloading it numerous times, but it still doesnt work. And yes, i have safedisk emulation clicked, i've even tried all the other forms of emulation. Syberia uses safedisk2 anyway.

Now here's the thing- if i do a full instalation and download the no-cd patch, the game works fine...so i know the bins i ripped aren't the problem.

I tried the trick of chainging my drive letters, i.e. making my virtual drive drive d: which is usually my primary drive letter.

I tried clicking through explorer and loading the game straight off the virutal cd (which i didnt think would do anything anyway)

I would love to use daemon tools instead of the no-cd, since the full install is 1.1g as opposed to a minimum install of 200m

Any help????

Thanks in advance!!!
:D :D :D

20.03.2003, 21:16
I don't believe you - CloneCD does not produce BIN files.;-)

21.03.2003, 02:49
Didnt mean to write clonecd...been using it all day to copy cd's, had a brain fart...

:P :P :P

21.03.2003, 04:01
Then what program did you use? If you downloaded images off the net, you will get NO support from us.

If you didn't download warez, you will need to make an image using clonecd, or alcohol 120 with game/safedisc2 profile. If you want to burn a copy, I would suggest alcohol.

21.03.2003, 05:00
Jeez, what is this 20 questions...

i used CDrWin, I believe in supporting game companies (only if you like the game though, I've downloaded many games and thought they were shit, and didnt buy them, but downloaded just as many and bought after i downloaded b/c i thought the programmers deserved the $$...Icewind Dale II, Syberia, GTAIII, MOHAA, BF1942, MOO3, anyway...)

my .bin's work with the no-cd...so i must have made them correct, right?

I suppose my ultimate question is...

Why does the no-cd work, but daemon tools doesnt????

21.03.2003, 05:09
I have the same philosiphy as you. I download games and trials, and then purchase them if they are good. I do the same with movies.

When a game is protected by safedisc (or any other protection);
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it modifies the cd in some way. You cannot, for example, simply copy files from windows explorer and simply burn them. THe protection will detect this easily. However, using a no-cd patch bypasses this protection, so that you don't have to even have the cd (or virtual cd) in the drive.

Using cdrwin with raw mode might work, but I would suggest using something like alcohol 120. Clonecd is also an option, although it seems to be unable to copy some versions of safedisc and securom, where alcohol has no problems with this. You will, of course, need to image using the safedisc2 datatype (alcohol) or game profile (clonecd).