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23.03.2003, 18:00
Hi, I found out that you, with Deamon Tools, can make an .iso file from a DVD-movie to be able to have a backup of it. If I want to burn this backup file to an empty DVD-R, with menus & subtitles and everything, so that I can watch on a normal DVD-player, what program should I use then?

What about copy protection?

23.03.2003, 18:42
D-Tools is only to emulate, not to make images
Use DVDdecrypter to dump, d-tools to mount the image on a virtual drive and istant CD/DVD copy to re-encode and burn

24.03.2003, 23:24
What about movies with CSS-encryption?
And what about the movies with RCE-protection?

Will these work with DVDdecrypter? And in that case, will the CSS-encryption also be on the backup of the DVD movie?

25.03.2003, 09:35
What about movies with CSS-encryption?
And what about the movies with RCE-protection?

Will these work with DVDdecrypter? And in that case, will the CSS-encryption also be on the backup of the DVD movie?
DVDdecrypter will remove all the protections

13.08.2003, 04:53
Hi, I'm fairly new to this stuff. I recently purchased a DVD burner and plan to make some backups.

I found your post quite useful since I was very close to purchase some expensive so called 1:1 DVD copier softwares.

Unfortunatly, I may have missunderstood something, I did install and run DVD Decrypter (which amazed me, specialy for a freeware) and got my folder with movie files. Now I have hard time mounting those files onto an image... How do I do this? DT does not accept IFO or VOB files?
I haven't tried to burn the VOB files right away but I guess it would work but I would then lose the menus and the french language tracks.

Someone could shed some light?

13.08.2003, 04:58
of course. You must run DVD-Decrypter in ISO-Mode.
Vob - Files are (as you already mentioned) FILES not Images. Daemon Tools is an Image(!) Mounting Tool

13.08.2003, 05:01
Of course...
Please forgive my ignorance. As I said, I'm fairly new into this stuff.

13.08.2003, 05:51
hehehe, it was simply an explanation, not a attack :wink:

You already mentioned that you're new to this stuff. If I think you where ignorant, I wouldn't help you, so nothing to worry about. I'm happy to help you, that's why we are here.

By the way, it's normally not enough to simply mount the image and burn it back to a dvdr, just because it's most of the time simply to big. You need to compress first. There are several programs out there which are able to do this for you, f.e. DVDShrink (Freeware, iirc)
just google

14.08.2003, 02:53
Be reassured, I didn't take it as an offense.
I just thought to myself that should have found that one out alone.

I haven't tried to burn the mounted image yet so I can't tell if it works or not.
However, I'm currently trying the ISO write feature included in the DVD Decrypter and it seems to work (well, the progress bar shows 50% so far).
I'll let you know if it's successful or not.

14.08.2003, 15:43
It failed...
A message saying couldnt write on (or after) block number 118?? or something like that. I was quite on a rush and just acknowledged the error and shut the system down. I whish I had saved the log file somewhere.

I guess it just confirm what you already told me. I just thought since the output ISO files were splitted in 4.6go it would automatically ask for the second DVD once the first file was burned.

I'll try the tools you suggested but I guess it would then mean a lower image quality...

By the way, I'm looking for a good burning software that could make movie DVD out of those images and also from avi files (thats the only format my camera will provide). I've noticed that it is possible to achieve those goals with the Nero Ultra suite. I also heard about DVD X Copy but the outrageous price tag and the special copyright hidden features are making me backing off. Beside, DVD Decryptor does half of the job DVD X Copy does for free!

I would also need a software that could allow me to backup few of my games and found out that Alcohol does that quite well. Now, I whish I could find a single software that would do both. On Alcohol web-site, it is said that the software can do DVD ripping and recoding... But I haven't managed to achieve this with the soon to be expired trial version.
Some advises?

15.08.2003, 01:10
Yes, the failure means that you try to write behind a non-existent block (due to wrong disksize)

What concerns the Image-Quality, I suggest you to proof for yourself. It's really all very subjective. IMHO, InstantCopy did a great job (for the image-quality)
more advanced technices includes completely re-authoring manually (f.e. with CCE / Majestro / IfoEDIT/Update) but this is only for hardcore-freaks (like me :) )

I think you should give DVDShrink a try, most users told that the quality is real good

Alcohol can be used to extract unprotected DVD's and it's not possible to reencode/compress it without extra software. Nevertheless it's imho the most advanced backup-tool for CD-R's so far

15.08.2003, 18:39
I used the DVDShrink freeware as instructed and reduced the size of my test movie (Star Wars II) to fit on a single DVD.
It generated a bunch of VOB files.
I then tried to recode and burn those files using Nero 6 and it failed... apparently there was not enough space left on the disc (again!). I'm gonna try to compress it even more tonight.

I'm still wondering, since my last night test didn't work, will the resulting dvd be playable? Will I keep the menus and languages? Is Nero the best tool for this type of job?
I whish the compressed files stayed in ISO... That way I could simply mount it back again on D-Tools and make a simple DVD backup using any burning software.

06.09.2003, 18:56

I don't know if you managed to fix your problem, but I'm posting this anyway for people that have the same prob.

After you ripped and transcoded(make it small enough to fit a DVD-R) you need to make an image of it. You can do that using a small tool called ImgTool Classic(http://www.coujo.de/download/SetupImgTool.exe)

You need to put all your .Vob and .Ifo files in a Video_TS folder and then select that folder in ImgTool Classic. And hit start... or something like that.

Hope to have helped some of the newer members of the DVD-backup world... :)

12.09.2003, 21:50
Ladies, Gentlemen,

I have a solution to a stubborn problem. DVD2SVCD is a Very good (and free) dvd backup tool. You can get it at:
Note that you will need an encoder to do this. I reccoment the Cinema Craft Encoder. It is the best, but very,very slow. You can get it here:
DVD2SVCD also supports TMPGEnc. You can find it at:
Please support the authors of the fabulous programs and purchase a copy of them. Besides, the evaluation versions only last a little while, and the MPeg 2 encode function Dies after 30-45 days on TMPGEnc anyway, so buy them. :)