View Full Version : Daemon Tools 4 doesn't override protections

19.11.2005, 13:15
Sup dudes?
I installed Daemon Tools 4 today, and it works and all... but something is weird:
Take NFS:MW for instance - it works for me only if I use SD4Hide, and for my friend it works without it...
How can it be?...
I'm using NOD32 Antivirus, does it has something to do with that?

10X a lot for the helpers :)

19.11.2005, 13:39
I also need SD4hide or disconnect my ide-drive.

19.11.2005, 18:31
i need to use both methods simultanously to defeat SD4,
same as i did with 3.47

19.11.2005, 23:42
Its the potential for an IDE plugin in DT Pro that could will probably be able to defeat SF.