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24.03.2003, 09:40
Hi all,

First post, so I guess i should say how much I love Daemon-tools,.. having a Burner that only writes in RAW-SAO mode and @ 6 speed, daemon-tools has been a god send for me :mrgreen:

Ok, my first problem,..

I'm trying to make a backup of the game mafia,.. I rip the ISO using CloneCD, BlindWrite, Fantom CD aswell as Alcohol & CDRWIN, and I get to the same point and get stuck.

The reading looks fine, about 10,000 - 100,000 Unreadable sectors etc.. then the reading/writing to the HDD starts, like my usual succesfull attempts.

Once I mount/Burn the image, the installer hangs before it requests the second disc of the game.

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me, (especially since i'm a n00b :oops: )

I don't know too much about all this stuph as i'm just a kid, but i'm a determined little bastard i am :) I have a feeling that because this CD is a new version of Safedisc (2.7 i think);
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and have not dealed with it be4, is why i'm running into problems.

Here are my sys specs.

Brand New AOpen CRW5224, Flashed to firmware version 1.06
(52x Write/24 Re-Write/52x Read)

I am also suspect of my new burner, as this is the first game/CD i've tried with it. However I have tried reading the image with my old 8X reader,.. (which has worked on Safedisc2 games be4)

My burner writes in RAW-DAO mode, and have tried a 1:1 "on the fly",.. same problem

Thanx in advance for any help you might provide me,.. I really appreciate it.

Edit: I am choosing the correct setting for creating safedisc 2 images on my proggies aswell..
Also I haev found this (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=341) thread, which looks to be dead.

24.03.2003, 09:54
First of all, get the image working (so that it can install off the virtual drive). If it is safedisc 2.7, I recommend imaging with alcohol 120 (although other proggies will work fine i think). Use the safedisc2 datatype.

From the clonecd manual, it appears probable that your drive doesn't write efm correct. So try burning (once the image works);
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and enabling safedisc emulation.

24.03.2003, 10:35
read errors are normal

24.03.2003, 22:59
Thanks for the replies people.

I have tried a number of different programs as mentioned in the first post, aswell as alcohol, under the appropriate settings.

The image won't work when mounting either, I've even tried reading on 1x!!

Also the read errors are normal (everytime I burn Safedisc2 i get the usual read errors)

I have also tried installing from the original,.. letting daemon-tools read the checks (like, running the game) then reading to HDD,... same error all the time.

Thanks for your help aswell guys. I hate being stuck :cry:

24.03.2003, 23:12
Did you use latest Version of Daemon-Tools?

And please post the exact error-log Alcohol or CloneCD generates.

Did you install the game from Original before?

24.03.2003, 23:45
Daemon-Tools 3.32 (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/daemon_tools.htm), and there is no error log,.. It just hangs on install...

Well, the only error log in the unreadable sectors while creating the image, nothing out of the ordinary I believe.

Edit: Yeah, the Install works fine on the original.

I belive i'm reading the Image wrong,... it must be. But I have tried all settings for proggies on the daemon tools website,.. also on Game Copy World website aswell, all to no avail..

25.03.2003, 09:38
with new safedisc versions you need to insert the cd in the drive you installed the game from. So try un-installing the game and re-installing form the virtual drive. All the drives that support RAW readong mode can make a working image of safedisc CDs.

25.03.2003, 10:11
Yes, my reader reads in RAW mode,.. and has created perfect images of safediscV2 discs before.

I have installed from the original on both my cd drives, and then tried to create images from the same drive, and the image (when mounted) still hangs on install.

God this is getting at my goat, please help me!

25.03.2003, 11:02
Perhaps I am wrong, but afaik all drives can read in raw. Otherwise, how could safedisc check if it was a real disc?

26.03.2003, 03:30
My burner is a two sheep burner in the Clone CD website,.. and can write EFM perfectly,.. So no Amplify Weak Sectors is needed.

However butrning the image is not the trouble, it is the image itself..

For some reason I can't read to an ISO properly,.. i've tried using all programs Alcohol 120% and many, many others.

Thanks for all your replies fellas, I really appreciate it, I have gotten so many questions answered (in my 2 years or so of using daemon-tools) from this forum.

I have read on another forum that people have been having problems with SP3 installed in winXP/2k, so I am installing win98 tonight, after finally getting my copy of System commander 7 through the mail... (TOOK FOREVER!!)

So I shall try to make the image in win98, and i'll let you all know what happened..

26.03.2003, 06:39
Have you tried to use fastdump method? Read in manual about it. Also make sure all errors are approximately in 800-10000 range only.