View Full Version : Is is possible to have the Daemon-Tools API sent to me?

25.03.2003, 18:54
Hello, I sent an e-mail to support@daemon-tools.com requesting the API about a week and a half ago but have had no response. I need this API to create my own shell extensions for Daemon-Tools. :D I really don't want to have to make calls to the daemon.exe program with approperiate command line parameters for my extension to work. :oops:

Anyway, any help in obtaining this API will be greatly appreciated.

02.04.2003, 13:44
I havent receive reply from SwENSkE too.
I need the api document too.
My mail address is: bardzy@263.net

02.04.2003, 13:46
I will send it to you (in an hour or so). Why do you need it?

02.04.2003, 13:49
I works in a educational technology center. And I want to construct a cd image server that provide cd images for teachers to use in classroom teaching. I plan to use daemon-tools.As you known most teachers dont familiar with computer operations,so I need to design a simply interface for them. I dont think your daemount fit my need exactly.I think maybe the only way is to write a application myself.

21.04.2003, 12:47
Hi, I need the API too. I mailed support@daemon-tools.com some days ago. Could you mail it to me too? I need it for a shell extension for daemon tools.

My mail is ante@telkom.net

Thanks, Ante

24.04.2003, 16:38

Me too. I want to make my own (un)mount. For now, I make it with .bat files but it is not elegant.

My Email : boulonais@ifrance.com


11.06.2003, 18:02
Hello, Me too, I would like to have the API. It would be great if it would be possible to download it from the web site, but in case that's impossible, here's my e-mail: mbergeron256@yahoo.com.

Having it on the web site would allow us to know when the API is updated and allow us to download it.

Michael Bergeron

11.06.2003, 22:56
We don't give api to any 'casual' people - we just want to know who has it and for what purpose. If you need it - please send me detailed mail who you are and why you need it. You may get it only on conditions that you will not give it to anyone else without our permission.

10.01.2004, 17:35
Well... if the api can help me developing a better FastMount, then i'd like to have it too... But don't think it's for me. FastMount is freeware. I do not get a penny. LOL

May i get the api?! webmaster@normanbauer.com

10.01.2004, 23:25
Contact locutus@daemon-tools.cc

23.01.2004, 02:21
I currently use daemonscript to mount the cd images for all the teachers at work. It works seemlessly, as all they have to do is run the program and the cd is mounted and program run without any interaction.

Thanks for some really great software.