View Full Version : Lilo & Stitch Trouble in paradise - securom 4.77 niggles

27.03.2003, 00:05
I've been trying to make a decent backup of this game but found some strange results. Although it's not supposed to, it has the physical characteristic like those in laater Securom versions.
Using an image made with Alcohol (with and without RMPS) , I was only able get the past the cd check when I had DT's Securom option enabled when running from the burner. Running the same cd in my Panasonic dvd drive I didn't even need the Securom emulation.
What does the Securom option do wrt sub-channel data correction?
I noticed that Alcohol's "Rectify sub-channel data" option is off for the Securom setting but CCDs "Don't repair sub-channel data" option is usually off as well - which sounds opposite. Is this relevant?

Any help appreciated or similar experiences.

ps I've managed to successfully backup The Thing and Warcraft 3 which are supposed to have similar Securom protections.

pps the game doesn't even work in windows 2000 (so much for Disney producing decent kids games)!!

burner used : Uranus (liteon based) 52x24x52x

27.03.2003, 00:37
OK, sounds like the game uses subchannel data. This would be why it works with securom emulation on. What makes you think it uses physical characteristics (ie, securom 4.8x NEW)? WHen you image with alcohol, make sure 'read subchannel' is checked on.

You should first try to get an image working before burning and using rmps. Once you get the image working, move on to burning.

Why would you be surprised at no win2k support. I have a whole bunch of games that didn't work in win2k. Some were later made to work with an updated patch, but some still don't work.

27.03.2003, 12:34
1. I may not have been clear, but I did test the image with DT before burning anthying. This was fine WITHOUT Securom emulation enabled.
2. I used Blindwrite 4.3 to view/check the physical pattern ala new Securom, so I thought I'd try and using RMPS as well even though it wasn't needed with the virtual image and DT.
3. The comment about Windows 2000 compatibility is just a general one 'cos I'm surprised that software developers are still producing programs that don't run on that os and for some that may be the only os available.

Quick question...not wanting to create a mass of coasters I was using a cdrw. Does anyone know if only doing a quick erase (TOC only) affects a subsequent burn differently from doing a full erase instead????

27.03.2003, 14:33
RMPS is only needed when burning and has nothing to do with imaging.

It is also possible you must use the 'hide cd media' function. Enabling securom emulation does this, so perhaps that is why the game works with seccurom. Try dwonladoing alcohol 120 trial, disable all emus in d-tools, and just enable hide cd media check in alcohol 120. Then run the game.