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20.11.2005, 10:34
i dunno if this is the correct to post this message here if not then i will edit/delete this thread.i use the search button but cant seem to find on how to correct a mini iso image.i also searched google but i cant find the right way to make one.is there a guide on how to create one?thanks

*are there any iso image for scct euro version?i tried downloading from copybase but it doesnt work for me(file not accessible) its only a mds file and dt4 said cannot mount it.im using the one made by itwins.but when i mount the 4gig file scct runs without problems

21.11.2005, 09:14
The Mini - Image ending MUST be MDF ...

21.11.2005, 09:27
Here (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=131341) you have a guide.

21.11.2005, 12:11
thanks gonna try and make one will it also work for starforce game?coz it only said about safedisc.

21.11.2005, 12:26
Yes you can do Starforce Mini Images;)

21.11.2005, 12:55
Yes you can do Starforce Mini Images;)
New StarForce stops mini-images from working.

21.11.2005, 14:49
From which Version?

22.11.2005, 14:26
Not too sure sorry.

22.11.2005, 15:09
Google for: Starforce Mini-Images

but that changelog's probably fake anyway.

22.11.2005, 15:31
Not too sure either, but i have one 3.4.50 which used to work with a mini, and now got one 3.4.62 i think (can't re-check that right now) which runs only from full image.

22.11.2005, 15:44
Hey jACkdA\W, you're back.

23.11.2005, 02:18
thanks ill google for one thanks again.:)