View Full Version : sptd locking me up at boot

20.11.2005, 12:58
i did everything that was mentioned in the other thread by renaming or deleting sptd.sys but my system still will not boot. It freezes at starting windows. i can go into safe mode fine. I don't really want to reinstall windows. Nothing i do or try will fix this. It was right after an installation of v4. I am on windows 2000 AS SP4. any ideas please? Ok, i tried installing it in safe mode and it installs fine. runs fine. but when i go to reboot into normal it will not boot at all. i have uninstalled and remove sptd but it still does it. i would like some thoughts :(

27.11.2005, 01:27
I have the same problem and i'm on WinXp Pro :S i also don't wanna reinstall windows..

10.01.2006, 12:23
I have the same problem on XP and the only way that I could get windows to boot was to disable the SCSI/RAID controller created by DT, regardles of renaming sptd.sys (shouldn't say the only, I could also boot normally into windows after about 10 restarts with the reset button-but now I'm contradicting myself that is not normal booting:) anyway after disabeling the controller win would start normal every time:-) ) hope this helps you

10.01.2006, 14:21
If you have a Restore Point from when things were working OK you could restore to that point while in Safe Mode.

I have had problems like this with DT4 a few times. Deleting the 3 drivers located in the Drivers folder sometimes got me going again. But other times it did not. Restoring to a previous point in time did get me going the last time this happened which is why I am suggesting this.

10.01.2006, 16:47
I can't say anything about safe mode but system restore worked one for me and it failed about 6 times in normal windows environment.

10.01.2006, 18:07
Same problem here. I tryed to delete sptd.sys from drivers directory in safe mode and also from my registry (start - run - regedit) and it worked. Trouble is that I want to fix this so that I can use Dtools. Any ideas? I think it has something to do with that kernel debuger but that is just theory, I didn`t figure out what to do with it.