View Full Version : "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" under User CP NOT WORKING PROPERLY

20.11.2005, 13:14
While I set "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" to 40 under User CP, I don't see this option working properly.

Sometime I do see 40 posts per page, but mostly I see only 10 posts per page.

I see there is at least one post talking the same problem I have stated, but that topic is on German Section. So I won't be able to really understand what the problem is.


Is this only happening only to a small number of people?

20.11.2005, 22:36
To be little clearer, I see 40 posts per page if I click the last post from the main forum. However, if I go into the sub-forum and click the title of the post, then I only see 10 posts per page. :(

21.11.2005, 09:09
This problem does not happen to me if I click a post title or the get last post link (lastpost.gif).

21.11.2005, 12:26

Thanks for your input.
Oviously, it's not happening to everyone, I guess.
But I am still experiencing the problem, at least.
I hope DT Team fix this issue soon.

21.11.2005, 12:36
I read it doesn't affect everyone from your first comments. But don't you think we might be unable to fix it if, after more investigation, it's really a vBulletin issue?

21.11.2005, 12:47

You may be right. But the thing is that DT Home is the only vBulletin based site that has this issue.

26.11.2005, 21:44
I can confirm this bug

07.12.2005, 08:24
I can confirm this bug now too. But it happens rarely.

16.12.2005, 02:03
It's only happened to me when the 'long' URLs are used, e.g.

When I'm using 'short' URLs, e.g.

the settings seems to work fine.

28.02.2006, 14:38
Hmm. I believe the bug isn't fixed as of today, since I do experience the same problem.
Do Admins plan to fix this bug?
Just wondering.~

28.02.2006, 20:02
I think there are more important things to do atm therefore this problem has a low priority.

01.03.2006, 14:11
yes, we will fix this bug. As already mentioned, it is already
known (it is indeed a bug caused by the url-rewrite-engine,
NOT a bug from vBulletin) - but with low priority.
As we plan to move to another system (related
to url-rewriting), the bug will be go away "automatically" ;)