View Full Version : Black Hawk Down - blacklists DT 3.32

30.03.2003, 00:33
Looks like this one fails the cd check if using an image (with RMPS 'cos its Securom mounted with DT or Alcohol 1.4.2. The unusual this about this game is that it gets to the main menu but the single and multi player options don't work.
Using a backup cd with RMPS enabled does work however.

30.03.2003, 02:02
Can you provide us with more info? Did you update the game? And to what version?

30.03.2003, 02:53
I just talked to someone on the alcohol support forums about this game. They have updated it to, and say the new version is SecuROM They report no blacklisting at all using an image or rmps...

Do you have any emulations enabled? Make sure to disable securom if it is enabled.

30.03.2003, 10:46
no i didn't know there was an update, it's only been out in the uk a couple of days! I was too busy playing the game to check for updates...Please provide the link to this patch 'cos I can't find it.

The version installed is 1.0.0 and when using the image the game gets to the main menu without playing the intro and the single/multiplayer options don't work.
I admit it was a bit of an assumption that it is actually blacklisted.

Oops - just checked the novalogic site which mentions an assets.cd file that needs to updated manually to point to the drive (virtual) that holds the game.

30.03.2003, 14:38
Is it possible they check only the first cdrom letter or the letter you installed from?

31.03.2003, 21:42
I think the install drive letter is a Novalogic thing!
Also, using the "live" update the game version says 1.1.0 and the DFBHD.exe has Securom 4.84.69 0048 (as you said)
It's too bad that Novalogic don't even mention the update on their website or even provide a self contained patch installation to download.