View Full Version : i cannot uninstall the search bar!!

20.11.2005, 23:01
I didnot see the option of search bar when installing,now I want to unistall it,however,i donot see any entries for DT in the control panel/software,neither for the searh bar,so how can i unistall the adware?i also see a folder named VVSN in c:\program files,is this the adware??thanks!

21.11.2005, 16:08
Did you try to go to "Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs"
and delete there "DAEMON Tools WhenU SearchBar"

Didn't work for you?

Please then clarify your problem.

(after removing DT Searchbar temporary folder named VVSN will be also removed)

21.11.2005, 20:11
i donnot have the DAEMON Tools WhenU SearchBar in Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs,what can i do?

21.11.2005, 23:06
hm.. really strange...

Please read for more information:


and there use "Contact us" form


please contact "feedback@whenu.com"

Please post here if you will still experience problems.

22.11.2005, 15:20
even after i remove it and restartd it left 4-5 things in registry that microsoft antispyware found :(
i install them in the first time because i thought it will not work if i dont (dt 4)

22.11.2005, 15:24
I do think it is important to get rid of trace/useless registry keys. If anyone knows keys that are not deleted, please post them (or maybe vik will ask you to email... i dunno).

22.11.2005, 22:16
This "uninstall" problem might be well caused from BREAKING WhenU products with various antispyware products.

That is what could break add/remove in your particular case. They (antispyware software) are gutting the code and therefore leaving stuff behind that would not be left behind via a normal uninstallation.

After we asked WhenU about possible reason of uninstall problems they explained to us:

Dear DT Users

If you use anti-spyware software to try and remove or disable WhenU SearchBar or Save then you may create problems with WhenU's software ability to be easily uninstalled. Some antispyware products inappropriately and without authorization disable, interfere, modify or delete different elements of WhenU code.
WhenU has been aggressively reaching out to anti-spyware vendors to ensure that DT SearchBbar and other WhenU products are not detected and/or removed.

WhenU products are easily removed directly from the add/remove control panel in all instances where they were properly installed and not tampered with by antispyware products or any other unauthorized third party.

27.11.2005, 09:22
I have reported this problem and noone believed me before.
I do believe its not by design but how the fricking lord can
it be that it happens on a FRESH OS install as well ?

Now this user has the same problem.

I just installed DT 4.x (non customer build) on my newly
setup Win XP.

I does not opt for searchbar at the install process and it
does not have a removal/uninstall entry in control panel

Again i have removed WhenU with adware now to get rid
of it. (since im a regged user it doesnt hurt u either :D).
Of course i made this screen BEFORE i did that.


And heres a screen of my control panel software (almost
nothing in there so u bet its a new xp installation ) :D


27.11.2005, 09:28
And when i read this quote of that company itself theres no
wonder there still on Adawares definitions file of 22.11.05
LOL :D (to me this basically sounds like they are trying to
threaten anti-spyware companies out of blacklisting them)

WhenU has been aggressively reaching out to anti-spyware vendors to ensure that DT SearchBbar and other WhenU products are not detected and/or removed.

28.11.2005, 09:59
This is the only way to disable it and still keep daemon

1. Got to firewall and remove access (delete it)
path start, control panel, firewall. If you have a seperate firewall so the same there

2. Run Spybot S&D to remove the over 20 items placed there by this nice tool bar

3. Running Spybot on this particular problem requires a reboot and spybot to run alone in the start up