View Full Version : DT forces a reboot when I mount an ISO image...

31.03.2003, 04:00
When I try mounting an ISO, a dark blue screen comes up (not the "Blue screen of Death"). It says something about a device error and that I should run diagnostic tools, particularly on the memory and video card. After about 10 seconds, it restarts the computer. Here are some specs:

WinXP Home
200 MhZ processor (Yes, it's ancient :wink: )
ATI Rage II+

The weird thing is that it works fine on this computer:

WinXP Home
1600 MhZ
256 MB RAM
Geforce 2 MX

Any ideas? Thanks. :D

31.03.2003, 04:46
Is at all possible to get a picture (using a digital camera) of this screen? Are you able to post exact error message and exact driver mentioned?

Can you try disabling any firewalls or antivirus software. Also perform a windows update and get updated device drivers.

31.03.2003, 22:58
Hahaha... Disabling the virus scanner worked :) Does Norton AntiVirus have any known conflicts with DT? That's the scanner we've got. Thanks for your help.

01.04.2003, 08:17
Antivirus programs have conflicts with everything.