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21.11.2005, 14:34
Hi guyz to beat starforce i had to disable dvd-drives
but now the only one that works is the first one which is connected with the midlle connector of the ide cable
my ide cable for dvd drives is directly connected to the motherboard
so the cable is

------------ 2nd dvd drive (doesn't work)

------------ 1st dvd drive (works)

------------- motherboard

can anyone please help me

21.11.2005, 21:25
How did you disable the dvd drives in the first place? Check the wires of course to be sure they are firmly pushed in. Also check the jumper settings.

29.11.2005, 08:39
You should only disable the drive that is configured to be the "slave" of the channel. If you remove the "master", the "slave" won't be able to function. The "master" can work alone on a cable/channel, the "slave" can not.

There are jumpers on the drives where you can configure if it's slave or master. Make the drive you need to remove "slave". The other that always stays on should be made "master".

Oh, you meant you removed them *both* and when you enabled them again one of them didn't work?