View Full Version : thread refresh problem/can't see new msg without manual refresh

22.11.2005, 07:50

maybe it's not a forum prob but i use alot forums and that's the only one where i have this prob:

when i log on i see the 'newest posts' in the column 'last post' (so far it's ok) ...

but when i click to get into the sub-section (e.g. 'Report Errors / Broken Links') and there was created a new thread by anyone i can't see it - i have to refresh the page manually to see the newest thread - and if i get into an thread i have the same prob with the newest posts:
i saw the newest post in the column 'newest post' but if i click on the thread i have to reload it to be able to see the newest post(s) ...


22.11.2005, 15:42
check your browser's settings. In IE it is called "check for newer versions of stores pages" : every visit, every launch, automatically, never.

I'd choose automatically