View Full Version : Error (1611): The product will not run...Please Help!

02.04.2003, 22:21
I have tried to run the program once without use the emulation and it didn't work. Since then, everytime I try to run it I receive the message: "Error (1611): The product will not run on this operating system ", wheter enabling the emulation or not. I have removed and reinstalled the program but the error remains the same!

Help me if you can!


02.04.2003, 22:44
What os you use? If you use win95, you must have revision b or higher.

04.04.2003, 02:23

I use Windows ME. This probably have to do with some registry entry or dll... I hope someone can help!

04.04.2003, 02:41
Do you have compatibility set for dameon.exe/shortcut? If yes, unchcek compatibility.

Also, I assume you get this error running daemon tools, and not installing, correct?

04.04.2003, 18:33
I think he gets that error when he starts application, not Daemon...
There is no such error code in Daemon.

05.04.2003, 02:03
I get this error when I start the application, not daemon tools. The tools installed and run correctly. It have to do with the first failed execution of the aplicative: it must be altered some registry key or system dll that blocks program execution now. By the way, the applicative is Oxford English Dictionary. Help me if you can!

05.04.2003, 21:58
This application has old CDilla (Safedisc protection). Most likely it does not understand ME at all.

09.04.2003, 02:53
No. I have it installed in another pc running ME and it worked fine. The program, when it failed in first execution, must be included something in the register or some dll that now blocks further use of the software. But, where?

09.04.2003, 03:00
Does the original work ok? Have you tried making a new image?