View Full Version : I read Daemon Tools's front page and...

23.11.2005, 02:15
No matter what anyone tells you, I highly recommend you Do Not install the adware. Don't install any adware period, Its just bad. No adware is for a good cause, its just a cheap marketing technique. Knowing me I installed it anyways because I dont read anything I just click click click.. But once this poped up I looked into the subject.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled without the adware toolbar and everything was gravy...

To Daemon Tools: I would say there are better forms of advertising than to put this adware pile into your hard work (very nice program otherwise btw).

23.11.2005, 20:57
I believe if you would spend roughly 15 EUR and had registered DT4 it would be a best support to DT developers.

We would really appreciate it :)

24.11.2005, 06:49
It is not a virus/trojan/worm, and I believe there was a topic on this already, try searching. (may be wrong, but I thought I saw one)

The adware is not going to damage anything.

24.11.2005, 10:37

Thanks for supporting DT team!

Currently we are working on next version of DT Searchbar to make it more powerful, nicer, and less nagging in minimized state :)

I am really glad that there are users who found value in our new product.

26.11.2005, 03:28
This is just a case of NOD32 being a little overzealous. While I would never install it myself (and don't have to worry about it either since I've registered), there is nothing wrong with it. And - as dllfile said - it won't hurt anything.