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05.04.2003, 12:07
OK, I have a weird problem. Somehow, I can set up my virtual drives, they even work with some emulators like gens, but they don't appear under "my computer", and I simply can't assign a drive-letter. So the "generic scsi" appears in the hardware list, and works, but it doesn't have a drive-letter, which means I cannot browse the mounted CD with windows explorer. I tried reinstalling, but it didn't work.

any help?

05.04.2003, 21:50
Check other software, eg, packet writing. like InCD - maybe you need to remove it or reinstall.

06.04.2003, 09:11
well, I've got other CD software installed:
i had virtualcd once, but I removed it, cause it's crap...
I don't have easycd-creator anymore, but it didn't do problems when I had it.
I upgraded to xp from 2000, but it worked fine after that.
Somehow, I've got hte feeling windowsxp wants a driver for the virtual cd drive, so I might do some manual stuff. Which file is it? (by the way, when I install daemontools, the drivers installed don't pass te windows logo test).

06.04.2003, 15:15
by the way, once I mount an image, and I try to unmount it, I get a "device is locked" message. Maybe that's hte key.
So, to change the image, I have always to disable all drives, enable them again, and mount another image.

06.04.2003, 21:15
I would suggest uninstalling all your burning software to see if this corrects the problem.

18.04.2003, 22:02
even though I suppose nobody is still watching this thread, I just wanted to tell I solved all my problems, with daemon-tools, but also other as well.

The problem was my OS, for some unknown reason. What I did was, I reinstalled windows xp in update mode (before I had windowsxp sp1).
Somehow, I managed to reinstall the service pack (lucky I'd saved the files some time ago);
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and from then on, my computer was suddenly absolutely stable, the drives appear under my computer, my external HD suddenly works, etc.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I'd uninstalled copytocd, diskjuggler, virtualpc and some other programs, but it didn't help. But I'm sure the origin of the problem was a program, that I don't have anymore. Anyway, I'll never update daemon-tools again, if it's not neccessary...