View Full Version : Anyone else that have this strange problem also ?

05.04.2003, 15:38
Hi all :)

When trying to access an shortcut within daemon it failes to do to that directory , when clicking on the shortcut im getting an error telling me that daemon couldnt load the .cue file .
the shortcut is pointing to another computer on the network .

Any hints?

05.04.2003, 21:56
Check you have correct access to CUE file and all files specified inside CUE file (FILE directives).

05.04.2003, 22:13
sorry seems that ive made the wrong turn here :)

i dont get that message of the cue file im getting:.

"Unable to mount image file. Invalid image file."

Its an ordinary shortcut to that directory ,

10.04.2003, 16:57
anyone ? :)

10.04.2003, 17:05
I can confirm this problem. If you try to select a shortcut to any image file you get this error. It works fine from alcohol though.

@venom: You have the OFN_NODEREFERENCELINKS flag enabled for GetOpenFileName. If I remove this flag via debugger it works fine.

10.04.2003, 17:46
thnks :)
hope to see a bugfix for this feature :)