View Full Version : Trouble with Deamon tools (blue screen and driver trouble)

26.11.2005, 15:57

I am having trouble with Daemon tools.

I cannot install version 347 because it says that some drivers in my system are making problems so I have to delete them first.

I can install 4.00, and it works and stuff, but then when I turn off my computer and try to start it again, then a blue screen appears and my computer restarts and then I get the possiblity to start up my computer with the last working confirguration, and then it appears to me that daemon tools was the debugger that screwed up my system.

Anyone who can help me with this? Please, I wanna play NFS:MW :(



26.11.2005, 18:43
Please, I wanna play NFS:MW
Use the original Disc or try Alcohol 120%!