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05.04.2003, 21:20
I've an already known problem but I did what it's said in the other forums and it doesn't work for me. I installed Battlefield 1942 and all went well.
The only thing it's when I'm trying to play it says that I've to input the correct cd and retry...

I have:

- Windows XP
- The most recent Deamon Tools Version(V.3.26)

I hope you'll know what's the problem, thanks for your help!

05.04.2003, 21:32
Check the top of this page, right under the board rules. It says 'Latest version: Daemon-Tools 3.32' :D
I guess installing this version will solve your problem :)

05.04.2003, 22:00
Ahhh! That was easy for sure...Thank you for this part, now I'm nearer to be able to play my game.

Well, it still doesn't work :cry:
And I still don't know what I can do..

If anyone have an idea, please help me! Thanks again!

05.04.2003, 22:01
So please post how you made image of this game: program and settings.

05.04.2003, 22:05
Forget it, I've readed that we can't ask questions when we download the games...sorry...

You can delete this post if you want :(