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27.11.2005, 08:35
Can you open a new section in the forum in italian language?

27.11.2005, 11:07
This is only possible if there are many user who wants a italian area and if there are some moderators who can speak italian.
There is a thread about a French area:

27.11.2005, 20:05
Can you open a new section in the forum in italian language?

I hope not.

An italian :)

29.11.2005, 06:34
I hope not.

An italian :)

I agree, as an italian i hope that will not happen or we will be blowed away by kiddies and lamers.

16.12.2005, 15:34
i am against a italian forum
because there are not a lot of italien users

for germans its okay because there are really a lot of!

16.12.2005, 19:57
question: without anyone speaking italian here, how would you know that?

17.12.2005, 12:09
i don't exactly know how many italians here are in this forum.
could an admin or mod make a survey about which language forum users do speak.
could be quite useful.
PS: i do speak italian! ;)

21.12.2005, 15:30
Creating an italian forum shouldn't be such a bad idea.

21.12.2005, 20:47
I agree, as an italian i hope that will not happen or we will be blowed away by kiddies and lamers.

I'm not sure I understand, :confused:
why would an Italian forum bring about 'kiddies and lamers'?

22.12.2005, 03:10
because many italians are kinda n00bs and lamers ;)

26.12.2005, 09:40
This is one of the many reasons why i am against a french speaking forum here... (Not really against, but i do not approve.)

31.12.2005, 23:50
You compliment, an intelligence than we Italians,noobs and lamers, we will never be able to have.
God you protect

01.01.2006, 12:05
i dont know what u mean...
if u want u can explain in italian ;) via PM

03.01.2006, 22:17
I don't think only "many" italians are noobs and lamers.:mad:
I know many peoples are noobs and lamers,from any country and state.Good and bad guys are anywhere.If you tell me,don't need a italian forum, i'm ok.I don't think they are so many italians,and I understand the many problems, to keep that open.
Sorry,but if you tell me, don't need that, becouse "many italians" are noobs or lamers or kiddies, well , don't show me the way to considerate You,or another one,just a small boy .Thanx ;)

04.01.2006, 10:59
in fact quite many italians are n00bs. maybe u r not, but i know many who are...
i didnt say anything against u.

04.01.2006, 11:22
Ok: don't worry.
Just i don't like this concept. :)

06.01.2006, 16:00
I think that an italian area in the forum would be a nice thing...

07.02.2006, 21:29
I just got so irritated by reading this thread's comments by LooDos that I joined to tell him a thing or two. Even though I do not have any background in this forum, only being an active user of Daemon-Tools the program, I did find LooDos comments very provocative and resenting to all Italians in general.

So LooDos, on what foundation do you base your ridiculous assertion that all Italians are so-called "n00bs"? You do, over and over again, claim this. I strongly believe you don't have any statistics to prove this at all. Your allegations are almost fanatical, you are actually generalising an entire nation of Italians. Your attitude reminds me of a racist tendency.
Of course there are some Italians that may fit into the category "n00b", but really, how can you so frankly just go on arguing that this is valid for virtually any Italian?
I find your behaviour very offending, arrogant and inappropriate. Please begin thinking about what you write before you actually begin writing. To me, you seem like a teenager in rebellion, whom only disperses absurd messages to irritate people that haven't done anything to you.

11.02.2006, 07:43
for my personal experience, 90% of the posts in an hypotetical italian section would be about "how dtoolspro will pwn starforce" "when will dtoolspro be out?" and "how can i boot my illegaly downloaded game?". no prejudice, i'm italian too and i know the situation, there's really no need to create an italian section since there are a few people with the knowledge to post something worthy, and they already post in english here :wink:

13.02.2006, 04:21
my goodness - I already explained the rules, didn't I?

IF there is indeed need for another foreign forum - no problem,
but first we want to see proof that enough people are
interested (like it was f.e. with the german forum, where
I received thousands! of emails in one week asking for german

Another problem is that I do not understand a single italian word
(ok, this is not entirely true, as I sometimes spend my holidays

Apart from that I personally know very experienced italians and
adhoc some damn good asm-coders come into my mind that
I know, too (f.e. PS-emulator-coders). Every(!) nation have
its noobs and its pro's. Apart from that: a forum is open to
everyone. At least here, regardless if noob or not. Thats
why we have the portal, to "spread" the word. Our forums
are not open to "pros" only ;)

So if you want an own forum-section, open a poll and hope
that enough members vote for it!

What concerns the "kiddie-factor", keep in mind that all our forums
are moderated, bullshit-posters do not survive here :)