View Full Version : DT 4.0 Refuses to run/uninstall/re-install

27.11.2005, 21:28
Running Windows XP Pro SP2. I was running Daemon Tools 4.0 since it came out until yesterday when after a restart, refused to work. Once in windows it simply gave me the standard windows error message on how "daemon tools encountered a problem and needs to close..."

Trying to run the .exe gave me the same problem along with trying to run the uninstall or the install. I tried disabling and uninstalling the drives in the device manager but they keep re-appearing and with the images I had mounted at the time. I really don't know what to do anymore, so now I turn to the knowledge of the forums. If I forgot anything please let me know, and I thank anyone in advance for their help.

28.11.2005, 20:54

I've literally tried everything now I could think of. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone?

28.11.2005, 23:14
Hafe you tried starting in safe mode and removing that way??

29.11.2005, 01:22
Yes I have and it still gives me the "encountered problem and needs to close". It doesn't matter if I run the uninstall or install from the downloaded exe or from the start menu. This is driving me mad...I'm completely out of ideas.

29.11.2005, 04:03
Try to remove System32\Drivers\dtscsi.sys file and reboot your system.

29.11.2005, 17:06
Underheaven, I cannot thank you enough. It worked! I am in your debt. Thanks so much for your help, It is most appreciated!